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Destination Morocco podcast, next YouTube live Q&A:
FRIDAY August 2nd, 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT

Call Us : 713-480-8833
Episode 51: "The Amazigh Chronicles" - The Rich Tapestry of Amazigh Tribes: History, Language, and Customs (Part 2)
Aired On : January 21, 2024

In today's episode of Destination Morocco podcast, Azdean, Hiba and Sam expand on the historical canvas and cultural fabric formed by the Amazigh, or Berber, tribes across North Africa.

Our focus is an overview of some of the more prominent tribes and communities, who have had a long and lasting impact on the region. Long before modern political borders, invaders and settlers, and contemporary languages and culture, these Amazigh peoples were laying down cultural roots still seen today.

Our list includes:

  • the Riffians of Northern Morocco and the Rif Mountains, 
  • the Kabyles of Northern Algeria, 
  • the Tuareg: a more nomadic people but with predominantly in Mali, 
  • the Chleuh of southern Morocco and the High Atlas Mountains (Agadir, Tafraout, Ouarazazate areas), 
  • the Zayanist of a different area of southern Morocco (the Anti-Atlas Mountains), 
  • the Mzabites of central Algeria, 
  • and the Siwa of western Egypt, who have far more in common with their Amazigh cousins than with the Arabs of contemporary Egypt.

In Part 1 of our series, we gave an overview of the Amazigh culture and identity, and its history and influence dating back thousands of years. In Part 2, we explore the distinct identities, customs and dialects within the Amazigh world, since they are far from a homogeneous community, which makes sense covering such a large area. 

While listening to their story, it is important to erase for a moment those borders, lines, names and flags that are more familiar. Underneath are the Amazigh, and when you visit Morocco, or indeed continue further across North Africa, you will know who these groups are and how they all fit together.

Our series, "The Amazigh Chronicles," will continue after this as additional bonus episodes for those who enjoy diving in deeper to cultural history from a modern day perspective, brought to you by native Moroccans themselves. Keep an eye out for further episodes in our podcast feed.

Our general theme in early 2024 is learning about cultural identities in Morocco and North Africa, and in turn opportunities for you as a traveller to understand and experience this in person. Our upcoming episodes in February, including our Live Q&A, will continue along these lines with lots of practical information and advice to help you really get to know Morocco and its people.

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