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Destination Morocco podcast, next YouTube live Q&A:
New Time and Date! FRIDAY May 3rd, 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT
Episode 31: Azdean Returns to Morocco!
Aired On : June 15, 2023
You've heard him share his passion for Morocco, tell stories of his childhood and Berber culture, interview riad owners and restauranteurs, and chat with his own clients who have been to Morocco over the past couple years, including even podcast producer Ted.

In all that time, our host Azdean has been at home, in Houston, patiently waiting for his turn to go back. Countless times since 2019, plans have fallen through, reservations have changed, intended trips have been pushed back. 2021 became 2022, and then 2023, making it four long years since he had seen family and friends, visited his home village, wandered the medina of Marrakech and sipped tea at his favorite hangout overlooking the Jemaa el-Fnaa square.

Today marks the beginning of Azdean and family's long-awaited return to their home country. Leaving from Houston, they must first make a stopover in Frankfurt, Germany, before connecting a few hours later to their flight to Casablanca. It is from Frankfurt that we catch up with Azdean, including a cameo from Imran, sharing with us live this special moment for them that has finally arrived.

Feel the palpable excitement as Azdean talks about the plans for their return, the reunions and introductions, and the plans to document it all for the podcast. In the coming weeks, we'll be visiting Berber villages and hearing the Ahwash style of drumming and dancing, heading back to Essaouira to check in on Xavier at his stunning riad and to visit the vibrant fish market, and touring the souks of Marrakech to chat with shop owners and tour guides.

This and so much more. Camera and audio crews will be accompanying Azdean throughout Morocco to document a typical Destination Morocco tour, showcasing the best of what the country has to offer.

We wish Azdean and his family a safe and happy return to their native land, and Destination Morocco podcast will be there throughout the adventure.

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