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Destination Morocco podcast, next YouTube live Q&A:
New Time and Date! FRIDAY May 3rd, 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT
Episode 33: The Many Surprises of Merzouga Desert: Live From Sky Sahara Camp
Aired On : July 15, 2023
In today's episode of Destination Morocco podcast, we continue on our southern tour of Morocco, and arrive in what is often considered the highlight of a traveller's time in Morocco: the Merzouga Desert itself. Our host is Said, manager and co-owner of Sahara Sky Luxury Camp, located in the heart of the desert, yet just 38 km from the town of Erfoud, the local service centre. 

Said and Azdean sit down to talk about how he founded his camp, how they maintain their own animals and gardens in the desert, their emphasis on organic ingredients in their incredible food, and how the food itself is different than your standard Moroccan fare. When you're ready to go beyond the tagines and couscous, Said and his kitchen have wonderful, original recipes for you to try.

Said gives us a glimpse into daily life at the camp, and shares fascinating perspective on his family history. Said's own grandparents were traditional nomads, and Said himself is not far removed from that reality.

All this in addition to a surprising number of activities, located on-site or a short drive away. The desert is about more than just camel rides and dune buggies, although you shouldn't miss out on doing them either! But the Merzouga area has a number of important cultural sites, some dating back hundreds or thousands of years, that connect the area to Berber and North African history, and Said can easily arrange for you a tour. Or you can take part in cooking classes and musical performances at the camp itself, before relaxing under the stars. This is Merzouga, and nothing compares to the show that is put on by the night sky.

You'll hear peacocks and cats in the background as we chat, and close your eyes to imagine yourself in this beautiful desert paradise. Because of course, you yourself can experience all this too! 

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