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Destination Morocco podcast, next YouTube live Q&A:
New Time and Date! FRIDAY May 3rd, 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT
Episode 40: Travelling to Morocco, Post-Earthquake
Aired On : October 1, 2023
Ceasha Micallef had her dream tour to Morocco booked months in advance, with a departure date of Friday, September 8, 2023.

As she was in-flight over the Atlantic, heading for a stopover in Paris before going on to Casablanca, the 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit southern Morocco. She arrived at the airport to text messages and missed calls from family and friends, wondering if she was still able to go. In truth, she wasn't sure herself.

Back and forth texts with the Destination Morocco team in Marrakech, particularly with her driver, Mohammed, quickly confirmed that the country was safe, the trip was still on and they would make any adjustments necessary. Ceasha boarded the connecting flight and carried on to Casablanca, and it turned into one of the greatest, most meaningful trips this veteran of 20+ countries has ever experienced.

Now, Ceasha is back home in Toronto and chatting with Azdean about her time in Morocco, the exhilarating adventure in Merzouga Desert, the beautiful drives through the High Atlas Mountains, incredible food and wonderful, warm hospitality.

Ceasha's vivid description of her time there - the zenith of tranquility, spiritual connections symbolized by green orbs, the raw thrill of quad rides in the sand dunes, and immersing herself in the local culture through a cooking class - will leave you wanting to follow in her footsteps. Tourism is the best way for the country and its economy to get back on its feet.

She and Azdean also break down the tipping etiquette in Morocco, offering practical advice on this often tricky subject.

But it's not just about the sights and sounds of exotic locales. It's the people who make the journey unforgettable. Hear Seisha recount the special bond formed with her driver Mohammed and the camaraderie they built over the span of her trip. They also visit Le Patron/Deux Ciels restaurant, featured in one of our recent walking tour episodes of Marrakech.

After the blur of the past three weeks, Ceasha helps us make sense of the earthquake's impact on southern Morocco with her first-hand knowledge and insight, confirming that it is open and safe: a tremendous reassurance for everyone.

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