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Destination Morocco podcast, next YouTube live Q&A:
New Time and Date! FRIDAY May 3rd, 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT
Episode 44: Insider's Guide to Navigating Tipping and Shopping in Morocco
Aired On : November 11, 2023

The culture of tipping in Morocco is something we get a lot of questions about, and indeed many people aren't sure if they should tip at all, or when, and how much. It can quickly get overwhelming and a little awkward, if you don't know what to expect.

Azdean is here today to set out a comprehensive guide to tipping when you're travelling in Morocco. The short answer is yes, tipping applies in many cases across the country, in many different situations. The culture has evolved to something similar to the United States and other countries. You can expect to tip in a lot of familiar circumstances, but the question still remains, how much? And where do you get the small bills and change that you'll need?

Tipping might not be mandatory in Morocco, but it's a key part of the culture deeply appreciated by locals. From cab rides to restaurant meals, the tipping norms vary, and Azdean will  help you navigate them like a pro. This episode is a mix of listener questions and Azdean's own experience as a traveller in Morocco himself.

We'll equip you with the know-how to identify different Dirham notes and why the humble 20 dirham note is your ultimate travel buddy. Plus be prepared for moments where you aren't used to tipping, and try not to be caught out.

As we journey deeper into the episode, we switch gears to tackle Moroccan shopping realities.  There are shopping pitfalls where unsuspecting tourists can be exploited. Destination Morocco is there to help you out, but awarness and precaution are crucially important. Azdean explains what can happen and how the company tries to circumvent it.

Tipping is one of those things that can be an afterthought in your tour preparations, but when you're there, in the moment, you'll appreciate having learned how to navigate as a confident traveller.

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