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Destination Morocco podcast, next YouTube live Q&A:
FRIDAY August 2nd, 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT

Call Us : 713-480-8833
Episode 57: Fes Walking Tour Part 1: The Royal Palace, Jewish Quarter and the Tannery
Aired On : March 21, 2024

Click here for the .pdf transcription of this episode!

Experience the sounds and ambience of Fes in this live walking tour of the medina, during Azdean's tour in 2023. Accompanied by expert guide Moulay Hafid Alami, we start in Fes el Jdid, the 14th century quarter, learning about the Royal Palace of Fes and its seven golden doors (only created in the 1960's), and the importance of the neighboring Jewish Quarter, or Mellah, the first in Morocco. We pause to take in the quiet tranquility of the Jewish Cemetery, as Hafid tells us about the special bond between Muslims and Jews in Morocco, in Fes in particular.

From there, we head over to the Burj Sud, or "southern fortress," an army installation on top of a hill that looks out over the old city. A quick drive to the top of the hill allows us to wander around the perimeter, where Hafid explains the layout of the city and the differences between its three sections: Fes el Bali, Fes el Jdid and the Ville Nouvelle.

How many streets are in the old medina? How do people find their way around, and what happens when someone gets lost, especially a child? Hafid will tell you first hand from his own experience!

Part One of our tour concludes with the famous Chouara Tannery, where visitors can look down on the many colored vats containing various dyes and natural chemicals. We meet another guide from the tannery and shop, Mr. Mushor, who tells us how the tanning process works. Yes, there is a special ingredient and yes, it is not particularly pleasant but Mushor explains why it makes such a difference to the finished product, and why the process remains in its original form, dating back hundreds of years. Everything is done by hand, and from this tannery leatherworks are shipped out around the world.

You've heard us talk about the magic and charm of Fes in our episodes this past month, now you can close your eyes and be whisked away yourself. And all of our episodes have transcripts, which can help to make sense of some of the accents and place names. Apple users with the latest update should see the transcript on their phones. Or, you can visit the episode page to follow along with the .pdf file.

The tour continues in our next episode, as we visit the craftsmen of Fes, making pottery and ceramics, rugs, woodwork and more.

We hope you enjoy this immersive audio experience!

Music credits:

Mike Franklyn / Scorpion Dance / courtesy of www.epidemicsound

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